Open your heart, soften to the cycles of the feminine, and create a life that reflects your truest essence.

Life Coach and Embodiment Teacher to powerful, intuitive, sensitive women walking a spiritual path.

Can you see yourself here?

 ...forever repeating the same painful patterns in your relationships?
Having the same conversations, but getting nowhere?

...often stuck in fearful, anxious thought loops and losing touch with your intuition?
Are cycles of intense activity always followed by a period of exhaustive burn-out?

...feel like you have to go it alone?
Like the Universe has abandoned you and doesn't support your deeper desires?

...always judging yourself for not being spiritual / successful / feminine enough?
Secretly scrolling social media, comparing yourself to others, diminishing your own gifts in the process?

You are not alone.

Women who long to create lives full of richness and meaning; who yearn to attract deep, fulfilling relationships; who are here to offer sacred, purposeful work into the world...

These are the women that all too often end up feeling deeply disconnected, lonely and restless.

There is another way.


You were not born to live in a constant state of existential dread, simply trying to survive and keep your head above water.

You are here to flourish into the most radiant, sensually alive, nourished version of yourself... to dance inside a life that reflects your truest essence.

Welcome love.

I'm CiCi.

I support sensitive, intuitive & spiritual women who desire to call in nourishing, heart-led relationships, create sacred, meaningful work, and enjoy lives that feel purposeful and fulfilling.

Right now, your mind may be desperately searching for solutions... perhaps you feel stuck, entrenched or trapped.

Trust that you are exactly where you're meant to be, and underneath it all, there is a quiet part of you that knows this is an essential part of your journey.

In fact, every dark descent contains the exact wisdom needed for you to rise into a fuller, more mature and empowered expression of yourself.

These cyclical journeys between shadow & light... winter & summer... retreat & expression... this is the path of the devoted feminine woman.

You just can't see it right now, because you don't know how to receive messages from your body, you're operating from a place of fear and distrust, and you don't have the tools to bring all the fractured parts of yourself into balance, harmony & wholeness.

I'm here to show you the way.


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KeAnna, USA

CiCi is incredible at seeing to the core of things, and offering such a unique & powerful perspective. She brings in the mystical & grounds it into the practical, and is so embodied her work. She is a living reminder that as women, WE are self-leading, and we get to go first.

Lydia, UK

Coaching with CiCi feels like the tender kiss of the Goddess, backed up by the sacred protection of the Masculine. I felt cocooned in safety as she guided me through every corner of my life. Her style is unlike anything else I've experienced - ceremonial, gentle, mystical, all whilst ushering you into radical levels of self-responsibility. I recommend CiCi to any woman who knows she's here for MORE.

Esther, UK

During my coaching with CiCi, I felt SO held & supported. It was pure magic. I feel so blessed to have connected with her - she is the High Priestess I needed, and the most healing presence... because she called forth the inner alchemist, and power, in ME.

Come into a powerful and loving relationship with yourself, the Universe, and others.

Private Coaching, Mentoring and Embodiment

I offer individual deep-dive sessions, discounted block bookings, or tailored monthly retainers to suit a variety of client needs and desires.

Explore my 1-1 offerings and book your discounted introductory call today.

I can't wait to meet you!

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The Non-Linear Movement Method®

I teach monthly online embodiment classes via zoom.

The classes are designed to reconnect you to your body's natural wisdom, facilitate the processing of stuck trauma patterns, and awaken you to deeper sensitivity, well-being & aliveness.

Classes are £20, run for 70 minutes, and are always taught on the second Thursday of the month at 6pm.

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The Wood Sisters Women's Group

Join us for a potent & deep engagement with your heart, your body, and the mysteries.

This on-going membership group offers a beautiful & courageous pathway for discovering your truest essence and is designed in a way that brings healing power, purpose and community to your life - allowing you to feel confident in walking your own path, knowing you are supported and held in that exploration.

For £30 per month, members receive:

- access to the 12 monthly online embodiment classes taught throughout the year

- access to 12 more monthly online integration/discussion sessions (2023 theme: fairy tales)

- access to a vast online library of resources, including meditations, masterclasses, embodiment practices and more.

- access to a private Telegram community group chat for ongoing practice support and Q&A

- 25% off all 1-1 offerings (valid on all coaching purchased whilst you are a member)

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Instant Access Courses

I have a variety of courses and bundles that you can purchase today if you are looking for immediate support or work that you can dip in & out of in your own time.

Reset & Restart

Sacred Union School

The Feminine Alchemist

Aphrodite's Legacy

Bold, Boujie, Boundaries

The Feminine in Love

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My philosophy.

1. Embodiment Work & Somatic Alchemy

The first pillar of my work is embodiment - emotional alchemy and the unlocking of your body's natural genius.

Getting into communion with your body to receive the messages she brings in real time is absolutely essential if you desire to live in a connected & nourished state.

As a trauma-informed coach and certified teacher of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, I will support you to cultivate a powerful connection between your mind, body and heart, and facilitate deep exploration & healing of historic wounds.

You will learn a beautiful, gentle, yet powerful process that will allow you to release stuck trauma from your body, process your emotional waves, heighten your sensual/sexual pleasure, increase feelings of wellbeing, and regulate your nervous system, no matter what you are going through.

2. Polarity & Archetypal Rites of Passage

The second pillar of my work is energetic polarity and an exploration of archetypal wisdom as a tool for facilitating self-acceptance & empowerment.

Understanding conceptually AND being able to animate/embody the full range of energy that's available to you in any given moment (Masculine and Feminine) opens up new, expansive pathways for expression and deepens the intimacy you have with yourself & therefore others.

I will support you in discovering - or deepening - your embodiment of Masc/Fem energies, as well as guide you into deeper truths about your current path through the sharing of archetypal rites of passage.

Where appropriate we will engage with a range of archetypes, fairy tales, mythology, and deities to support you in exploring your subconscious and bringing wholeness to your psyche.

3. Contemplation of Purpose & Heart-led Service

The third pillar of my work is a deep exploration of who you truly are, as a means for aligning you with your path, purpose and sacred calling.

The Gene Keys system created by Richard Rudd, is a potent yet practical tool for soul exploration, and contemplation of your shadows and patterns for growth.

I am in on-going study of my own Gene Keys and have found them to be an extremely useful and beautiful technology - especially when journeying through stuckness or a feeling of being disconnected from Source/Universe.

The Gene Keys are a treasure trove of wisdom about the human psyche, and together we will use them to guide you into new and deeper self-truths. Working with your Gene Keys will empower you to offer your sacred work to the world, from a place of service & prosperity, rather than ego & fear.

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