Live with a wild, cracked open heart.


Awaken the power of both your Masculine & Feminine energies to create a life // relationships that drippp with sensual aliveness, glorious wholeness & your deepest creative essence


yesss.. all of this.


Welcome Love.

I'm CiCi.

Priestess of polarity, mythology queen, truth-speaker, way-shower, and beacon of embodied feminine power.

Through the framework of Masculine // Feminine energetics, and supported by archetypal embodiment work, I help awakening women & conscious couples alchemise the dynamics // patterns causing them suffering... and lead them into into beautiful, nourishing, liberated relationships with themselves, the Divine, and each other

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The Heroines Path Podcast.

melt into it.
Artist. Dreamer. Lover. Oracle. Warrioress. Heroine.
I'm speaking to you.

In these episodes, I call you in to the power you have to evolve into the fullest expression of yourself... and, I lovingly call you out on the dynamics & patterns keeping you stuck.

Everything I teach is through the lens of both Feminine AND Masculine energy, because it's through embracing our WHOLENESS, that we find the keys to the love & freedom we all deeeeeply desire.

I'm a self-projected projector in Human Design, so expect lots of heart-felt, on the fly, wisdom straight from my on Heroines Journey.

Loves, let's take the armour off, put our hearts on the altar.. and become devoted to the path of self-expansion.


Know you wanna go deep with me?

Explore all my offerings below.

Private Mentorship

This is a high-level & intimate container for (single or partnered) women who are ready to go deep into the healing, awakening & embodiment of both Feminine & Masculine energies, to create the intimacy // prosperity they yearn for.

If you are part of a couple & wish to be coached with your partner, please email me directly: [email protected]

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Online Courses & Workshops

Modern day Mystery Schools, with the initiations, codes and teachings that your soul is here to remember.

Your inner Goddess is not access through words or intellect.. she is embodied through movement.. through touch.. through music.. through mantra.. through ritual & ceremony.

It's time to put your self-development books down, and walk.. dance.. feel your way along these sacred, self-led pathways.

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The Heroines Circle

THC is a safe, expansive, and co-creative online circle space for women. Here, emotions are welcomed, full womanhood is celebrated, and magical sisterhood connections are made.

We meet 2 x monthly for live gatherings that are a beautiful blend of women's circle // group embodiment practice // archetypal workshop // group coaching.

mmm.. just what I've been searching for.


KeAnna, USA

CiCi is incredible at seeing to the core of things, and offering such a unique & powerful perspective. She brings in the mystical & grounds it into the practical, and is so embodied her work. She is a living reminder that as women, WE are self-leading, and we get to go first.

Lydia, UK

Coaching with CiCi feels like the tender kiss of the Goddess, backed up by the sacred protection of the Masculine. I felt cocooned in safety as she guided me through every corner of my life. Her style is unlike anything else I've experienced - ceremonial, gentle, mystical, all whilst ushering you into radical levels of self-responsibility. I recommend CiCi to any woman who knows she's here for MORE.

Esther, UK

During my coaching with CiCi, I felt SO held & supported. It was pure magic. I feel so blessed to have connected with her - she is the High Priestess I needed, and the most healing presence... because she called forth the inner alchemist, and power, in ME.