Work With Me

Guiding you into a life of radiant sovereignty, soulful purpose, and embodied feminine power.

Priestess, Mentor & Coach to devoted, awakening women. 

Because you deserve a reality coded with more power, more pleasure & more purpose.


Guiding you into a life of radiant sovereignty, soulful purpose, and embodied feminine power.


Priestess, Mentor & Coach to devoted, awakening women. 

Because you deserve a reality coded with more power, more pleasure & more purpose.




"Working with CiCi has led me to be the happiest I have been in 5 yearsIf I have an off day or something happens I know how to handle it. I've always been told I'm strong but I actually believe it now. This has been life changing for me."


"I know it's CiCi's job to coach, but I feel the need to say how amazing at it she is. The space she held for me felt so good. The way she allowed me to get to so many of the conclusions myself but with the prompts or guidance I needed was something I've never experienced before."


"CiCi has this amazing way of creating a safe space and giving you permission to go deep, peel back the layers, and allow yourself to reflect on your true values, beliefs and passions. I can't thank her enough for opening up that space for me to become aware of my blocksacknowledge them and work to overcome them."

Hi Sweet Love, I’m CiCi.

I stand for deep healing, embodied wholeness, and awakened feminine power.

Do you desire to step into your fullest expression?

To free yourself from conditioning & society's expectations, and create the purpose-led life your heart has secretly been craving for years?

The world you live in has been built on toxic masculine values, and ever since you were a little girl you've been taught to live inside the lines; to fit into boxes that have severed you from your true, wild, beautiful essence.

Now, that part of you is angry. She demands MORE. She KNOWS she deserves a life dripping with abundance, ease and soulful ecstasy.

I believe you are here, reading this, for a reason.

Mama Earth needs your unique gifts, expression and frequency.

She has called out to you.

Sister, now is the time to RISE.


"It is not intuition which is broken, but rather the matrilineal blessing on intuition, the handing down of intuitive reliance between a woman and all females of her lines who have gone before her."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Work With Me...

The Chrysalis

1-1 Coaching & Mentoring

A potent and transformational journey for awakening women who desire to embody the divine feminine, create deep love & step into their highest calling/soul work.


The Heroines Circle

Sacred Sisterhood & Spiritual Growth.

Join our online sacred sisterhood to awaken the Goddess within.

Every moon cycle we come together to rediscover the parts of ourselves we have lost connect to the spirit of the Universe, and worship at the altar of self-love.

Spiritual Masterclasses, Full Moon circles, soul assignments, guest experts... it's a FULL BODY YES.





Restart your relationship with yourself, with life, & with the Universe.

A four chapter journey to the TRUE YOU that you've been missing.. master your mindset, break your sabotaging cycles, protect your energy and find your purpose.

16 video lessons & complimentary soul assignments will take you through a deep & radical reset for mind, body & soul.


Sacred Union School


Embodiment of Inner-Masculine & Inner-Feminine for soulful healing & manifestation.

A modern day Mystery School, with the initiations, codes and teachings that your soul is here to remember.

You are called to join all aspects of your nature, and embody the divine wholeness that is your birth right.

When your Inner-Queen takes her throne, and your Inner-King comes to serve on bended knee, only then can you create your very own Heaven on Earth.



The Feminine Alchemist


Embodied pathways to healing, expansion & blissful Goddess consciousness.

Your inner Goddess is not access through words or intellect.. she is embodied through movement.. through touch.. through music.. through mantra.. through ritual & ceremony.

It's time to put your self-development books down, and walk.. dance.. feel your way along these 7 sacred pathways.

Soulful healing, embodied ecstasy & divine wholeness await you.



Sweet Loves!

The Heroines Path Podcast has launched... my soul is on FIRE bringing this to you!!

This is a sacred space for awakening women wishing to transcend limitations, blaze their own trail & return to divine wholeness.

Join me on this beautiful & wild journey of reclamation, activation & ascension.

Together, we'll dive into heart centred wisdom, mystical stories, illuminating tools & Masculine/Feminine dynamics across the areas of life, love & business.

Heroines, it's time to forget who you've been taught to be & become who you were born to be..

Let's take one another by the hand,


We rise.

CiCi x


Annabel G.

"Cici is amazing at getting you to dig deep and get to the truth - I realised things about myself that I never would have done without Cici! It was amazing to be able to do so with someone who makes you feel so safe and supported, but who doesn’t just let you scratch the surface, we went deeeeep!"

Katie O.

"CiCi took me through her deep dive experience and WOW was it powerful!! She is so knowledgeable, and her spiritual energy just shines through in a way where you can really access your higher self and put all the learning together."

Caroline G.

"Working 1:1 with CiCi is a life changing experience & she has a great way of challenging you but it’s from a place of love. If you are on the fence about working with CiCi, know that the energy exchange with her is amazing; I always felt high vibes after our sessions. I wanted to make changes & CiCi facilitated this for me! I will be forever grateful."

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