I am devoted to teaching you the art of continual transcendence, through the harmonisation of Masculine & Feminine energetics, and by using all suffering as a means to expand.. ever deeper.. ever wider.. into loving & conscious relationship with yourself, your beloved, and all of Life.

I am a woman of
wild cycles.


A revolutionary who boldly leads her people by example.

A sensualist who loves to luxuriate in the slow in-between moments.

A heroine on her own healing journey.

I unapologetically live life in the realms of paradox - 

Gentle, yet fierce. Self-leading, yet surrendered. Soft, yet deeply sexual.

I am deliciously inconsistent and only say yes to what is in absolute alignment.

Polarity is, and will always be, my spiritual practice - in Astrology, my South Node is Cancer (Mother) and my North Node is Capricorn (Father), so journeying between these two poles is written into my soul's DNA.

Coming into relationship with both the Masculine and the Feminine has cracked me open to so, soo, much more.. more love, more depth, more creativity.

To put it simply: the dual divine nourishes the f*ck out of me from within AND without, daily, and all my work pours forth from the wellspring of deeply knowing, and loving, ALL of who I am.


Life is one long sacred prayer.
Infused into each cup of tea.. woven into every embodiment practice.. during each slow kiss with my beloved.. and given away freely with every smile to a stranger.
My heart is the offering, self-expression is my art, and prosperity reigns.

But things used to look very different for



Before I brought these innermost parts of myself to consciousness - before I (re)claimed my FULL self - I walked through the world as a fearful little girl, dressed in patriarchal armour.

I was terrified of being wrong, afraid of my own feelings, and swung dramatically between all or nothing and anxious // avoidant cycles.

I spent years in the corporate machine, feigning confidence during the day, going home to an emotionally abusive relationship at night, and binge drinking every weekend to take the edge off.

It felt safer to walk through life as a floating head, completely disconnected from the sacredness of my body, my inner cycles, Mother Earth, my innate power, creative expression & sensual pleasure.

My Masculine was domineering, controlling & judgemental - I was constantly seeking approval from Daddy - and my Feminine was co-dependent, distrusting & unstable.

It was never that I didn't know who I was, more that I was convinced I'd never be loved if I dared to reveal every aspect of my inner-world to the people around me.

In 2019, my life begun to drastically unravel.

A series of serendipitous events caused me to end up in New York, alone.. and during that time, it was as though a fog lifted.. like I could see, think & feel in absolute clarity for the first time, ever.

I realised everything I'd ever yearned for.. all that I longed for.. a sense of purpose, a rich & emotional experience of life, a lover & safe space.. it was ALL within me.

I returned with my sacral centre newly on fire, retrained as a Coach & NLP practitioner, and declared my intentions to the Universe, and - because it was the pandemic - showed the f*ck up online until my soul people found me.

I very quickly became booked out, quit my 9-5, followed my intuition when it nudged me to move back home, met my beloved, and continued to devote myself to soaking up everything I could about women's circles, goddess spirituality, Masculine // Feminine energy & polarity, embodiment and archetypal wisdom. 

I've been obsessed with mythology since I was a little girl, and have a degree in Anthropology from UCL where we talked about ritual, rites of passage, sacred art and creation myths every single day.. I just needed to (re)awaken the golden thread that was within me all along..

Now, I am here to liberate the wildness
that wants to express through men & women just like you.


..by marrying the mystical with the practical, the ancient with the modern, love with consciousness.

My work is my way.. everything comes from an embodied, grounded place; sourced from my own exploration of various modalities // my own initiations.

I'm a Projector (human design), so I just keep on spiralling down the rabbit hole of everything that fascinates me, magnetising overflowing abundance & aligned invitations along the way.. business truly gets to be thisss good when you make opening wide to life your only 'to-do'.

My spaces are inclusive, trauma-informed, and - even though they continue to evolve - are always built on four pillars: awakening, illumination, integration & embodiment.

Awakening you to the concepts, frameworks & esoteric wisdom of polarity, archetypes, manifestation & the mysteries.

Illuminating the patterns & dynamics that are keeping you stuck, confused & dissatisfied - alchemising all triggers // emotional reactions into empowering catalysts for change.

Integrating these new ways of being into your life, through invitations // homeplay, to teach your nervous system it's now safe to expand, express & exist.

Embodying the long-forgotten parts of you that want to come out to play.. letting your body take new shapes & become the beacon // transmission of what it is your heart deeeeeply desires to offer - however this looks to you.



I found bliss in the glorious in-between.. Feminine and Masculine.. and all that these energies have brought to life within me gets to express, play & revealed in the most delicious, nourishing way inside my relationship with myself, my love, and life itself.

I deeply desire this for you, too.

It's time to claim & own everything you've been yearning for.

It's time to take a stand for your own wild cycles, for your unique magic..

for expressing & creating in the way only YOU know how.

CiCi xx


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