Cecilia McClaran is a London-based Life Coach, Embodiment Teacher, and devotee of the Divine Feminine path, committed to empowering women with tools, understanding and practices that allow them to live & create from the heart.

In the past 2 years, CiCi has supported private clients (women and couples) from around the world, guiding them into deeper understanding of their sacred calling, healthier communication/intimacy dynamics, and nourishing relationships with themselves/Source.

During this time, she also started leading a regular online women's group (The Heroine's Circle) which supported 40-50 women throughout the Pandemic. It focused on healing sister wounds, exploring wisdom from the Zodiac calendar, and incorporated visualisations/meditations.

This has now evolved into The Wood Sisters Women's Group, where the focus is on deepening embodiment/energetic practice, as well as engaging with archetypal wisdom from fairy tales and mythology.

Into 2023 and beyond - now that offline life has well and truly opened back up - she plans to expand into in-person embodiment teaching at wellness centres and spiritual festivals in the UK, as well as opening up space for in-person private group bookings and corporate wellness workshops.

"CiCi is wonderful. I am in awe of her work and all that she offers to the world. I love the abundance of knowledge that she has and the depth of her embodiment, too. I'm so grateful for our time together, and to have been in close proximity to her work. I can’t wait to see what the months following our container bring as different seeds gathered along the way mature and pieces integrate. CiCi's way is intuitive, knowledgable, integrated, wholesome. It's like a bridging of Earth and spirit - very holding, activating, expanding. I have truly loved our time together."

Mathilda, UK


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I am a woman of wild cycles.

...a deeply spiritual being, who has spent long periods of time stuck in existential dread and identity crisis.

...a sensual being, who only started healing from sexual trauma in her 30's.

...a business owner, who's deepest desire is not to run an empire, but to be a mother.

You see?

I'm just like you - full of beautiful paradoxes, contradictions, and on my own healing journey.

I go through periods of being inconsistent, my go-to numbing behaviour is too much Netflix, and I *sometimes* shout at my partner when I don't need to.

What's changed, is that I don't think any of these things make me unworthy of living a life that feels prosperous, nourishing, and free - AND - I'm in constant practice to illuminate these patterns within me & bring loving consciousness to them. 

We are conditioned to believe that achieving perfection will mean we attract everything we desire... but what if I told you that everything you desire is ready and waiting for you... and the work is to soften, to open, to allow it in.

My philosophy is closely aligned to the way the Feminine oscillates through seasons and cycles:

The more we surrender to life's natural rhythms, the more power we have over our lives - the gold lies beyond this paradox (as is so often the way!).

I believe that it's in loving our delicious humanity that all the richness and meaning we crave is to be found. This is a path that requires vulnerability, trust, and patience (as well as lots of laughter, and lots of tears, often at the same time!)...

...but it's worth it to bring yourself out of your anxiety, isolation and blame, and into a co-creative relationship with life... where your humanity and your flaws hold the keys to aligning with your path & unlocking your natural magnetism.

Things used to look very different for me.


Before I began my self-development journey, I walked through the world like a fearful little girl, dressed up in a suit of armour.

I was terrified of being wrong, afraid of my own feelings, and for years I swung dramatically between all or nothing cycles.

I was in the corporate machine, feigning confidence during the day, going home to an emotionally abusive relationship at night, and binge-drinking every weekend to take the edge off.

It felt safer to walk through life as a floating head, completely disconnected from the overwhelming feelings & pain I associated with being in my body. The problem is, it left me completely numb and in a constant state of dread about my life running out before I discovered my true purpose.

In 2019, my life begun to drastically unravel.

A series of serendipitous events caused me to end up in New York on my own, and on that trip, it was as though a fog lifted. I could see, think & feel in absolute clarity for the first time, ever.

I had a very clear and deep realisation that everything I was doing / the choices I was making were coming from a place of fear and distrust, and a feeling of not being good enough just the way I am.

I wanted freedom to explore my own healing and work that allowed me to be of service and put the gifts that came naturally to me to good use. I retrained as a Coach and NLP practitioner upon my return, started sharing online, and shortly afterwards, the Pandemic arrived.

I took advantage of the upward spiral online, marketed my services via social media and very quickly became booked out with clients.

In July 2021, I followed my intuition when it nudged me to move back home, and it was there that I came out of 14 months of intentional celibacy, swiftly met my beloved, and continued to devote myself to my work.

We now live in Twickenham by the river Thames, with our gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, Kali, and we love to spend our time cooking italian food, giggling like children, going for long country walks with family, and snuggling up to watch movies.

"Working with CiCi feels very safe, there's no judgement, just so much wisdom. She really knows how to tap into your energy and your needs. She was so gentle and understanding with me, no matter what was coming up, and this really helped me open up, and trust her guidance. How honest she is, how authentic she is, it makes it all so beautiful and so valuable - there's no bullsh*t with her... she has a priestess vibe, but at the same time, it feels like sisters"

Julia, AUS


explore ways to work with me.