May 12, 2021

Women. Other women. A room full of women you don't know.

What feelings come up when I say that to you?
What sensations can you feel in your body?

Welcome it all in with so much love 💕

Darling, even as a deeply beautiful, feminine being, you carry the cultural codes of fear, intimidation + scarcity around other women.

These were programmed into you long before you were born.
Sister Wounding keeps you small, stops you from sharing your voice, and encourages competition over collaboration.

Your body has learnt that being your true, whole, FULL self around women is not safe.
Fight or flight kicks in.
It makes you want to run away. To puff up big and squash others. To reject first to avoid being rejected.

Jealousy, judgement + comparison are just the symptoms.

What if I were to tell you, that there was a time, long ago, where women were not afraid...

Where we understood and revered the power within one another... because we knew we carried the same power inside our own hearts.

Where we came together to lead, share, sing, mourn, dance, celebrate transitions through ceremony, birth babies, wash the dead, and call to our ancestors.

Where we honoured our bodies as the portals of all creation.

This time for fierce sisterhood is rising once more... and I am inviting YOU to join us 🔥

You now have the opportunity to heal these deep ancestral wounds.
To change the course of destiny for your lineage.
To help heal our Universal Mama, Earth herself.

It's time to embrace compassion + softness.
It's time to witness + be witnessed as we go gently deeper into our healing.
It's time to drop our shoulders, and finally learn how to R E C E I V E true love + support from women.

... and it all starts in Circle.

My sacred sisterhood, The Heroines Circle, is open to new members 🧜‍♀️

We would love to welcome you inside, and help you reconnect to the deeper truth of who you were born to be, in the powerfully safe and beautifully healing space we have created.

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