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divine feminine feminine awakening goddess energy soul growth spiritual awakening the heroines journey May 07, 2021

What does it mean to be the Heroine of your life?

Do you wait for rescue in the tower, as the damsel in distress?

Do you don men's clothing, and ride into battle?

Do you isolate yourself, in meditation and prayer?

Do you own the boardroom by day, and read stories in your children's bedroom by night?

There have been many definitions of what it means to be a woman in her power... ...and yet as we stand here - with more freedom, more choice, and more education - than any of women in our lineage before us, we appear to be more confused, more lost and more helpless than ever when it comes to creating our deepest desires. You want more than to just achieve.

You yearn step into the fullest expression of your soul. I see you, I witness you.

So, I stand here today, calling on YOU - beautiful, awakening woman - to step forth and recognise your destiny in this moment.

YOU are here to CREATE the new definition.

YOU are here to SHAPE the new age.

YOU are here to go deep within, and EMBODY pure + potent Heroine energy.

Because your dreams are worth it.

Because your ancestors fought so you could have it.

Because your children's children deserve it.

Much will have to grow, and much will have to die.

You will be asked to embrace your inner cycles, and attune yourself to the dark-side of the moon.

You will need to reach down to find your sword - the sword of integrity and truth - to cut away the ego ties that hold you back.

You will be initiated into the sacred mysteries, where your Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine become one.

When things you thought were important are swept away, know that it is to create the space for new life.

You are a seedling, encoded with the power of the mighty oak tree. and when you heal the deep trenches within yourself, you heal the collective culture around you.

You become a nurturing, grounded presence that ripples far + wide.

There is no written definition of what it means to be the Heroine of your life... but with every breath, every dance, every dream, every kiss, every shedding of skins... we are creating one.

And we need you, too.

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