A love note, for when you feel far away from your soul's path

chaos divine feminine feminine awakening goddess energy soul growth spiritual awakening trusttheprocess May 05, 2021

Your awakening journey + your real human life are not two separate things.

They are one + the same.

You simply cannot have one without the other.

How many times have you declared you need to “get back onto your path”? Look down, you’re already standing on it.

This is such a common misconception:

That our soul’s path is over there - ✨ all shimmery and twinkly ✨- and then there’s our human-shaped mess over here... all break-ups, failed attempts and curveballs.

anytime something unexpected happens, something doesn't turn out as planned, or we don't feel all the juicy, joyful vibes when we believe that we should...

...we internalise that as a fail.

A fall from grace. A spiritual fuck-up.

My love,

What if every negative experience, is actually being sent as the most beautiful contribution to your awakening?

Your soul path is not a long straight line... more of a huge, glorious, messy circle with you right at the epicentre, resting on your gilded throne, welcoming everything that comes to bow at your feet.

👑 a break-up arrives to usher you into deeper self-love + personal alignment.

👑 a health scare comes bearing the gifts of compassion + empathy for others experiencing the same.

👑 a frantic business launch shows up to highlight everything you now get to opt-out of going forward.

God has a pestle + mortar up there, and right now she is mixing up a little bit of chaos, a touch of destruction, and a pinch of sadness in just the perfect measurements for you! 🥣

She will ALWAYS send this medicine in perfect timing.

The thing is, when you awaken the Divine Feminine, you agree to awaken ALL of her:

light + dark. sweet + fierce. show-off + shy.

So stepping inside an aligned space -

where your wholeness, and your whole mess, is treated as H O L Y by sisters who are daring to do things differently too -

is where you get to TRULY be held + integrate.

and when you integrate, you rise.


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