A love note, for when your emotions are overwhelming

emotions journaling lifestyle mindfulness selflove wellbeing Jan 08, 2021

You may have come across journaling during your journey to self-love and acceptance. Journaling encompasses many different streams of consciousness - gratitude lists, goal-setting, habit-tracking, mood check-ins etc. These tools are incredible for helping us to be organised, keeping our mental health in a good space, and reminding us of what's important.

What you may not have tried before, however, is Release Writing, or intuitive journaling.

You know those experiences or people who you just can't help but be triggered by? The emotions rise, a weight presses in on your chest and you can feel the familiar burning in your throat... you breathe, and stuff them back down from there they came from. Until the next time.

What if, next time you felt triggered or overwhelmed, you didn't suppress your feelings? What if you had a beautiful, personal practice that would help you process everything, and lay it out bare in front of you?

I have always been a talker. As long as I can remember, I've loved nothing more than a good DMC (deep and meaningful conversation) with a girlfriend or my sister. I can talk for hours and hours about what's going on in our lives, dissecting every detail and setting the world to rights.

I talked so much, I didn't think I'd need journaling - that was for people who weren't as in touch with their feelings as me... or, so I thought. 

Then, I had a really triggering conversation with one of my best friends about relationships, and it got me feeling defensive of my wounds. I went for a long run, and that helped a lot of dormant emotion to find its way to the surface, as exercise often does. When I arrived home, no one was there to talk to... I felt an intuitive nudge to pick up my journal.

6 pages, and a bucket-load of tears, later... and I was completed convinced about the transformative power of release writing. This writing was not me planning anything or searching for insight, it was simply a way of releasing the stored emotions that I'd been carrying around in my body for years.

Hand-writing connects both our left and right brain, and it unlocks something so powerful, so typing won't be the same.

Now, I turn to my journal almost nightly, to express ideas, pull cards, write about how I'm feeling, my dreams and my fears. It's my bedtime confidante and the bridge between my outer and inner-self.

I love this blank journal from Paperchase because it removes my perfectionist tendencies and means I can indulge in a good spider-diagram now and then!

If you struggle with what I call "blank-page syndrome", then my invitation would be to start with "I'm feeling angry because..." or "I'm feeling sad because..." to get you started.

Release writing helps you to explore your own inner-wisdom, to reconnect with the part of you that knows she is intuitive, divine, and connected to something far greater.

Have you tried release writing when you feel emotions arising within you?

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