A love note, for when you experience judgement from others

divine feminine fear of judgement feminine awakening following your dreams soul growth the heroines journey May 05, 2021

when you choose to walk the lesser known paths -

when you choose to devote your life to chasing the mystery of your soul + the cosmos - 

you become a torchbearer… so on fire with purpose that others are jolted into life just by your very presence.

but in doing so, you also agree to take on other roles - that of rebel + revolutionary.

and it is this element that stops most women in their tracks, so afraid are we of being hoisted up and made an example of, of being ripped to shreds, or burnt at the stake for our cause.

when I created The Heroines Circle - my membership for awakening women - I knew down to my very bones that I would magnetise the most courageous, beautiful and intelligent women.

women who yearn for nothing more than to be the Heroine of their own lives, and lead with a wild, free, cracked-open heart.

I also knew as I took up even more space, I would attract increasing hate, comments + opinions from those who quake at the idea of embodied, powerful, successful women.

trail-blazing women.

these people aren’t in the arena - their faces are not marred with dust and sweat and blood.

and so, these experiences bring me to a crossroad.

I could shrink back to where I came from.

I could crack on and pretend it’s not happening.


I choose the path of feminine leadership. 

I choose to know that it is through my vulnerable darkness that I find my brightest shade of light.

that it doesn’t take away from my ability to lead… it enhances it.

There will always be angry, fearful villagers who try to sabotage your revolution with fire + pitchforks.

Rebel anyway.

There will be days where you believe your only choices are to shrink or to pretend.

Choose again.

choose to blaze a trail. choose to cry + let people see it. choose to use your voice again + again. choose to rise from the ashes. choose to transmute ALL base level energies into golden wisdom - the sacred practice of spiritual alchemy.

because that, my love, is the path of a true Heroine.

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