A love note, for attuning to your desired frequency

conscious creation divine feminine following your dreams life of your dreams spiritual awakening trust the process wellbeing May 12, 2021

I dreamed about days like this.

I'd sit by the window in my office, staring out into the sea of steel + concrete, looking at all the tiny little windows, with tiny little humans sitting hunched over screens...

...and fantasise about a world where I could do, be, and have everything my heart secretly desired 💕

I'd imagine myself, waking up to the natural sunlight...

〰️ making a hot lemon water, and then sliding back into bed with my favourite journal, pulling cards for myself, channelling divinely guided messages through.

〰️ moving through a nourishing yoga practice, then enjoying a looong hot bath in the middle of the day if I fancied, with time for a full skincare routine.

〰️ dressing in something that makes me feel sexy, comfortable + beautiful, and creating content that hits my soulmate clients just right.

〰️ then heading out to lunch with a sister to talk about our dream businesses, travel plans + deep AF astrology. was exactly that, and I don't even pinch myself that it's a regular weekday experience for me.

Because I am normalising freedom + luxury in my reality.

✨ OF COURSE I get to choose to spend my day this way.

✨ OF COURSE I get to melt into an expansive, luxurious existence.

It doesn't matter who or where you are.

Your desired frequency is always available for you to attune to.

Maybe it's luxury. Or, maybe it's freedom, or rebellion, or peace.

You attune through the tiny little choices - the daily devotion - until a new reality begins rearranging itself around you.

What would need to be added or taken away for you to attune to your chosen frequency?

Would it be buying yourself the more expensive bunch of flowers each weekend?

Would it be saying no to that regular, but unnecessary, meeting?

and what would that choice give you access to?

When I was in Corporate, I still did little things every day to attune to the frequencies of luxury + freedom.

And it gave me access to boujie AF Queen vibes, and ultimately the confidence to leave + create the life I used to dream of:

🙏🏽 Supported.
🔥 Thriving.
💰 Paid.

...and it's only going one way from here 🔝😜

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