Private coaching, mentoring and embodiment journeys.

Every client is unique, and therefore every journey is bespoke.

We will work on what naturally arises during our time together, but some areas of focus could be:

- Deepening intimacy within romantic relationships / conscious dating

- Unleashing & empowering your sexual energy

- Nurturing a loving relationship with your body

- Unwinding and gently releasing old trauma wounds / patterns

- Healing your inner-child / any painful family dynamics

- Finding the hidden gifts within your shadows (the parts of yourself you don't want to look at / admit are there but hold the key to your expansion)

- Heightening sensual aliveness in all areas of your life

- Aligning you with your purpose and sacred calling

- Expanding your range of expression / healthy communication

- Supporting you in transitional periods such as break-ups, moving home, or new cycles in business

I weave together various modalities such as coachingembodimentNLP/aspectinggentle breathworksomatic releasingarchetypal wisdom, and meditations / visualisations to create a truly unique and transformational experience that is tailored to your needs.

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Important to note.

The process of maturing and evolving cannot be rushed - it is a beautiful endeavour that takes a lifetime.

Our work together will be to create a space and relationship that facilitates a deeper understanding of what's causing you to feel stuck, disconnected or confused. I will be there to help illuminate patterns/dynamics you may be blind to and to offer you empowering choices/pathways for creating the life, relationship, or feelings you desire to experience.

I am not here to fix you and I will never have all the answers. I am not your guru - as much as it's often tempting to see myself that way!

I will be your loving space-holder, guide, facilitator and compassionate witness of your process; offering reflections, asking questions and utilising the tools/practices that I am intimately acquainted with to support the deepening of that process.

Your body, heart, and mind - when allowed the space to come into union - will unlock a genius far deeper and more surprising than anything I could ever offer you.

Trusting this, is what will profoundly move you forward.

Together, we will take you there.

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"From someone who was incredibly stressed, hustling and getting little to no results, I have called in so many desires with ease. I found the balance I was looking for. CiCi is unlike any other coach, and I am so grateful for the universe bringing our souls together. This work is ground-breaking... to those who are ready to get raw, messy, vulnerable and explore themselves deeply and feel intensely - work with CiCi."

Aleisha, AUS

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"Thank you so much CiCi for your beautiful embodiment work. I love the space you hold, and your generosity is beyond words. The beauty and the magic is out of this world. I feel blessed to have had evolved alongside you. A true and deep priestess initiation."

Soumeya, Mallorca

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