Ushering you into intimate communion with your whole self, your beloved, and ALL of life.

Private Mentorship open to awakening women and conscious couples.

It's time for your wild, devotional, Feminine heart to join in sacred union with your grounded, supportive, Masculine consciousness.

Let the magic of God AND Goddess weave their way into every corner of your life.

My Love, whether its -

~ landing into your body for the first time in years.. reawakening your sensuality, your turn-on, your aliveness.. so you can walk through the world radiating love & magnetising invitations..

~ calling in your conscious, heart-leading King (or Queen) by readying the temple.. so you can melt into trust that life has got you, always, and they are on their way..

~ learning how to descend out of your mind and into your emotional underworld.. no longer afraid of the dark, but feeeeling it all.. letting go of passive aggression, people-pleasing or avoidance.. by revealing the truth of those feelings inside your relationships..

~ expanding beyond all your edges to meet the vast array of wild, magical, sexy, nerdy, strong, soft, scary, sensitive, and sensual, archetypes that live inside of you.. the parts you've denied.. so you can stop over-analysing // withholding, and let your body be the transmission for everything that is alive in you moment to moment..

~ activating your creative channel.. anchoring deep into your truth, your voice, your mission.. so you can unleash your soul's gifts on the world..

~ devoting to polarity as your spiritual practice.. so you can cultivate relationships that feel otherworldly.. safe & nourishing, yet playful & mysterious.. relationships built on ever-deepening intimacy & connection with yourself, the divine & your beloved..

..whatever it is you're yearning for, wholeness is the key.

We have to heal our relationship to the Masculine, reawaken the Feminine, and learn how to always be dancing between the two if we desire to experience alllll the deliciousness of being alive.

Begin your journey.

'Working with CiCi is indescribable and we would do it a thousand times over'

Investing in couples coaching with CiCi is the best thing we’ve ever done for our relationship and for our growth as individuals.
Having worked with CiCi one-on-one and in a couples container, I can truly say there’s no one like her. She has the most beautiful gift for guiding the space, and we felt so safe and held from the first moment.
When we opened our container, our relationship was suffering. We were feeling incredibly out-of-sync, had months (if not years) of built-up resentment, and we were losing respect for each other as people and as partners. It’s clear to me now that we would never have made significant progress on our own—we had reached the limit of where we could grow by talking through the same arguments over and over.
Two months later, we truly see the divine in each other and our entire dynamic has shifted. We’ve built back our mutual respect, and our love has blossomed. It feels like a weight has been lifted, and we’re living out the relationship dynamic that we knew was possible but just couldn’t figure out how to access.
Each session with CiCi was the perfect balance of exploring day-to-day challenges and trusting our bodies to reveal the deeper truths with practices. She gifted us with practical tools that we can use on a daily basis, and with polarity archetypes to embody, and we’re endlessly grateful. It feels like a rebirth of our relationship in the best way, and I truly believe CiCi is the only one who could have guided us through.
I recommend CiCi’s work to anyone who is open to its potential. My partner has never done spiritual work of any kind in the past, but CiCi’s archetypes and embodiment practices and polarity work spoke to both of us on such an innate level. As I said after our first session, CiCi is destined for couples work. Even in the first minutes of this new evolution of her work, it felt like she had been doing this for decades.
To the next couple lucky enough to work with CiCi: lean in, and trust that your relationship has so much more potential than you even know.
CiCi’s work is a gift, and we hope you treasure it like we have.
~ Alexa & Zeke, USA ~


This is the most intimate journey I offer.. you & me (or you, me, & your partner), side by side, through every trigger, each celebration, all the God//dess sent initiations, for 4 months.

..and spiralling beyond! My clients often tell me that some of the most potent shifts take place well after our container had completed.

This work is truly a blueprint for relating to it all.. the light, the dark..  everything in between.. and - from a place of enoughness & sufficiency - you will never stop deepening into your embodiment (and profound enjoyyyment!) of these codes // teachings.

Coming into right relationship with the Feminine // Masculine is a humbling pilgrimage that will ask you to shed skins & return right to the roots of any painful dynamics.. but it's so, so, worth it to be reborn into loving wholeness, live everyday from your wild, liberated heart, and know that you are held as you open wider to receive, and root in deeper to create, than you ever have before.

YESSS to it ALL.

"Working with CiCi feels very safe, there's no judgement, just soo much wisdom. She really knows how to tap into your energy and your needs. She was so gentle and understanding with me, no matter what was coming up, and this really helped me open up, and trust her guidance. How honest she is, how authentic she is, it makes it all so beautiful and so valuable - there's no bullsh*t with her... she has the Priestess vibe, but at the same time, it feels like sisters"

~ Julia, AUS ~

This container is completely bespoke,
co-created by us.

My Masculine holds the space, the boundaries.. and inside, my Feminine guides us into the emergent, non-linear & intuitive.



We will work with what arises organically during our time together, which may include:

- Advanced Polarity (within you, or inside relationship)

- Light & Dark Feminine // Masculine

- Conscious Relating (romantic or otherwise)

- Archetypal Embodiment Practice

- Healing Childhood Wounds (patterns that are blocking you from opening // receiving)

- Shadow Work (self-inquiry // emotional alchemy // welcoming & working with your triggers)

- Sensual Awakening & Embodiment

- Creative // Authentic Expression

I weave together various modalities such as coaching, embodiment practices, aspectinggentle breath work, somatic releasing, archetypal wisdom, story-telling, ceremonythought-work, and meditations / visualisations to create a truly unique and transformational experience.


"I knew before working with CiCi that this was an important journey I had to embark on to be able to show up in the world in the way I knew I was capable of. That version of me I could sense but not quite reach. I knew I would have to put my big girl boots on and rise up to meet myself. Yet I wasn't prepared for the generosity and relentlessness of support she showed me. It didn't feel like coaching. It felt like sisterhood. So much of what I desired I can now FEEL and EXPERIENCE rather than know and understand. I am amazed at how very real the word embodiment has become. I've really melted down from my analytical mind to my feeling body and offered them both a place of rest and union in my heart...this feels so yummy and I didn't expect this to be the most powerful shift."

Oceane, Costa Rica

"I cannot thank CiCi enough. This will be the transformation I remember for life. How I have matured and grown is unbelievable. In the space of four months, I have manifested a $30k pay increase, found my mojo for IG again, let go of really toxic relationships, created a group of beautiful friends, have a great relationship with my mother, and now to ice the cake - a date with the masculine man I've been longing for. I no longer suffer from my anxiety, and have learned enough about myself to know how to soothe and be everything I need. From someone who was incredibly stressed, hustling and getting little to no results, I have called in so many desires with ease. I found the balance I was looking for. CiCi is unlike any other coach, and I am so grateful for the universe bringing our souls together. This work is ground-breaking... to those who are ready to get raw, messy, vulnerable and explore themselves deeply and feel intensely - work with CiCi. Magnificent results from a magnificent priestess."

Aleisha, AUS

"Thank you so much CiCi for your beautiful embodiment work. I love the space you hold, and your generosity is beyond words. The beauty and the magic is out of this world. I feel blessed to have had evolved alongside you. A true and deep priestess initiation."

Soumeya, Mallorca

"Working with CiCi feels like 'get in the car queen, we're going on an adventure!' - She takes you to the depths and holds the mirror for you. She reminds you of your divinity and strength. She knows when you need nurturing vs. more fire.. she pushes you, but she never makes you walk the journey alone."


KeAnna, USA