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Reset + Restart

A self-led journey guiding you to connect with your deeper, most confident self, heal your unhealthy life-patterns, and live a life of true purpose and happiness.

Say No More, I'm In!

If there was a proven, step-by-step way for you to move past your cycles of burnout, self-hate, and unhappiness, into a fulfilling life you love…

Would you do it?!

Here’s why anything short of a Wholehearted Yes 
is costing you big time:

→ Everyday you’re using *quick-fix* self-development - like just one meditation practice, another self-development book, or influencers gym routine to try and get unstuck, and change your life for the better, is another day that widens the gap between where you are now, and where you *really* want to be.

→ There are no quick-fix solutions to waking up from unhappiness and stepping into a purpose-filled life.

→ You have to recognise and take responsibility for what you have created.

Yes, YOU.


Right now, you feel like you’re running on empty...

You wake up exhausted, burnt out, and utterly lost from trying to keep up with others around you.

You’re mind is filled with your inner-critic and so much negative self-talk.

You aim to read more, lose weight, drink less, and meditate... but there’s no point changing the external, if deep down you are still stuck in self-hate. 

→ What’s the point of up-levelling, if you’re just going to keep comparing yourself to everyone else?

→ Where's the value in cheering other people as they chase their dreams, get healthy and find their purpose… while you stay on the side-lines your whole life

You’ve tried to change things so many times before but nothing ever lasts.

And you can’t help but notice the nagging thought that your life lacks the path and purpose everyone else seems to have with ease.

You’ve been stuck in fear for too long. 

Fear of change. Fear of judgement. Fear of failure

I’m here to tell you - you are not alone. 

I know exactly what it’s like to be living in an all-or-nothing state.

It’s time that the things that’ve been holding you back were removed from your life forever so you can feel confident, happy and free.

Just imagine…

→ You wake up on a gorgeous, sun-filled morning, and dive into your healthy routines with joy; happiness is flowing to you easily.

→ You’re filled with energy and confidence to take on today’s tasks from a place of unwavering self-love and passion for what you get to do.

→ You feel so completely aligned with your purpose and ready to make a positive impact on the world around you. 

→ You are fulfilled with a sense of meaningful direction like you’ve never experienced before. 

Self-love, peace, and happiness shouldn’t be a figment of your imagination.

You deserve to actually live your best life - not just pretend you are on Instagram.

To stop listening to your inner-critic and letting it hold you back from what you're truly capable of creating.

You deserve to connect with your deeper self and create a life you truly love.

The path to your purpose already exists.

You just need to trust yourself, step forward and walk it. 

(I’ll be guiding you every step of the way lovely)



Reset + Restart

A soulfully self-led journey guiding you to connect with your deeper, most confident self, heal your life-patterns, and live a life of true purpose and happiness.

Reset + Restart is for women who feel stuck in cycles of burnout, self-hate, & unhappiness. Women who are ready to let go of what’s been holding them back once and for all, so they can step into a life filled with balance, purpose and deep fulfilment.

Join Reset + Restart and embark on a journey to…

→ Connect with your deeper self & make peace with your past 

→ Get to the root of all your limiting behaviour patterns

→ Create a life filled with balance, purpose, and blissful routines you can raise your vibration, become your own best friend, and embody true fulfilment, from the inside out!  


Kerry L.

"CiCi your course Reset + Restart was perfect and so beautifully prepared! It was healing, it brought me joy, realisation, and each day I'm living and breathing the modules. It's so well done."

You deserve a life that...

Is in harmony with your values, honours your energy, and fulfils your purpose.

Reset + Restart will walk you through my Signature  Framework to consciously create one - here's what you'll learn:

How to master your mindset...

So you can finally let go of your painful past, release negative thought spirals that keep you stuck in the same patterns, and learn to choose how you want to feel instead.

How to silence your inner-critic...

So you can see your challenges as beautiful opportunities for healing, and create space to feel ALL of your emotions and feelings, without judgement.

How to flourish with healthy boundaries...

So you can reclaim and protect your energy, rebuild your self-esteem, and live in complete alignment with what feels good for YOU.

How to set yourself up for success...

So you can let go of hustle and resistance, leave behind the role of Little Miss Busy, and glide effortlessly into the role of Little Miss Productive - do less, receive MORE.

How to uncover your true purpose...

So you can quit comparing yourself to other people constantly, and join the dots within the story of your own life. You're here for a beautiful reason; all you need to do is learn to look within... and the answers you need await you.

How to co-create with the Universe...

So you can ensure the reality that unfolds in front of you is aligned with your intentions and desires. You're co-creating right now, even though you don't realise it... but the signs are all around you, if you know what to look for.


A sneak peak at what's inside...

Module One - Master Your Mindset

First, you’ll learn how to raise your self-awareness and start owning your thoughts (instead of them owning you) You’ll learn how to flip the script on negative thought patterns, & finally free yourself from any painful past experiences holding you back.

Module Two - Break Your Sabotaging Cycles

Continue your internal transformation through learning how to let your emotions truly guide you so you can finally break free of your negative life patterns.

Module Three - Protect Your Energy

Now that the foundation or positive growth is laid, you’ll learn how to create healthy boundaries, rituals and routines for true balance and peace in your life.

Module Four - Find Your Purpose

Now that your day-to-day life has completely transformed, you’ll tap into your higher self, uncover what really lights you up and learn to start manifesting your biggest desires so you can step into your new life of fulfilment and purpose.

It's time to take back your life, Darling

I've taken everything I know about personal transformation, healing and growth, and condensed years worth of work into this 8-week course for you. Reset + Restart will guide you through everything you need to know to step out of unhappiness and into your true purpose.

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Does this sound like you?

→ You wake up each morning feeling drained and unmotivated?

→ You dread the thought of staying in your current job for the rest of your life?

→ You’re constantly saying ‘Yes’ to things you’d rather say ‘No’ to?

→ Your inner-critic turns on every time you look in the mirror?

→ You get upset and frustrated every time something goes wrong?

→ You feel like things never seem to go your way?

→ You wake up each weekend with total hangxiety, self-criticizing for how you feel today and the choices you made last night?

→ You “don’t have the time” to prioritize yourself, health, or big goals in life?

If even just one of these rings true for your life, then Reset & Restart is for you.

How do I know?

← Because, that was me too.

I'm ready

What others are saying...

On this self-led soulful journey you’ll...

Learn to master your mindset, break your sabotaging cycles, and protect your energy so you step into your true purpose.

So the question is, are you ready to finally make true, long-lasting change in your life?

I'm SO ready - let's go!


Take a moment with me,

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and exhale. Now imagine what your life would be like if in 8 weeks…

→ You wake up everyday feeling excited, energized, and filled with a feeling of empowerment that you really can
do, be, or have anything that you want.

→ You’re making impactful progress toward creating your dream life

→ When a painful experience or emotion does come along, you know how to accept it, feel it, work through it with ease 

→ Your mindset has completely transformed into one of self-love, fulfilment, and an all-encompassing sense of freedom.

You deserve to leave your fears, anxieties, and unhappiness behind once and for all.

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What will your life look like in 60 days without Reset + Restart?

→ You’ll feel stuck in the same cycles of negativity

→ You’ll feel lost and unfulfilled in your day-to-day

→ You’ll be craving something more for your life

→ You’ll feel disconnected with yourself and those around you

→ You’ll be out of alignment with the Universe's path for you, with the same patterns repeating over and over again

What will your life look like in 60 days with Reset + Restart?

→ You’ll feel completely refreshed and reset.

→ Your life will flow and be more aligned than ever before

→ You’ll be filled with so much genuine joy

→ You’ll wake up feeling a deep enthusiasm for life

→ Your community and support system will be behind you every step of the way

→ You will become more and more authentically YOU every day

It’s no longer a question of can you afford to do this work?

It’s can you afford NOT to?

⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

I'm Ready To Change My Life For The Better!