My signature 6-week self-led course for awakening women, who wish to come into full alignment, by honouring both their Divine Masculine & Sacred Feminine energy.

Are you ready to turn inward + heal this wounding once and for all?

To dance with the Goddess-in-you, and welcome back the God-in-you with open arms?

To create wealth, love, and deep
self-confidence... whilst infusing your life with ease, pleasure and bliss?

Yes. Yes. Yes.


My signature 6-week self-led course for awakening women, who wish to come into full alignment, by honouring both their Divine Masculine & Sacred Feminine energy.

Are you ready to turn inward + heal this wounding once and for all?

To dance with the Goddess-in-you, and welcome back the God-in-you with open arms?

To create wealth, love, and deep
self-confidence... whilst infusing your life with ease, pleasure and bliss?

Yes. Yes. Yes

Remove your shoes... let your soles touch the earth.

Bow your head... drop into your heart-space.

Light a rose-scented candle... invoke the Goddess.

For you are entering a modern day Mystery School...

During this potent and powerful initiation, you are going to shed your layers, descend to the darkest depths, be reborn in the sacred waters, and emerge 6-weeks later, phoenix-like, naked in the flames.

Aligned. Sovereign. Whole.
The Mistress of Both Worlds.

Sweet Love, it's time forget who you’ve been taught to be. Seriously.

Your conditioning is about to be dismantled, unravelled and dramatically re-coded.

Whether you desire to create wealth in a way that aligns with your values + interests, a relationship that turns you on physically, emotionally, spiritually + mentally, or emerge as the healthiest, most confident, vibrant version of you...

I am calling you toward a new north-star; a sensual pilgrimage to meet your HIGHEST-self.

Journey inward, and watch it all fall into place around you.


Sacred Union School is for awakening women who are ready to be initiated into the Ancient Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Women for whom the current options of being either like men, or liked by men, are no longer enough.

Women who yearn, ache, and long to actualise their soulful destinies without sacrificing their core essence.

The cold + heavy lead of your life is about to be alchemised into pure GOLD.

Love. Freedom. Luxury. Intimacy. Ease. Abundance. Power. 

This is the High-Priestess school you WISH you’d gone to, and once you have, you’ll never be the same again.

Self-Knowledge. Self-Healing. Self-Mastery. Self-Empowerment.

I've heard your whispered prayers... you want to...


→ Awaken to the deeper, fuller truth of who you are and be SEEN

→ Embody the ancient knowing that courses through your veins + rise up as a leading voice for women everywhere

→ Hold the most grounded, sacred boundaries around yourself

→ Allow “no” to rolllllll off your tongue daily... so you can melt into your full body “FUCK YES” when your intuition calls

→ Swim deeper than ever before in the beautiful ocean waters of deep vulnerability, intimacy + love

→ Embrace the transitional deaths + rebirths that come with a devoted spiritual practice

→ Unleash your potent power + strength into this world without caring what anyone thinks

→ Effortlessly create + birth new ideas, projects, businesses by claiming + getting behind YOUR perfect way 

→ Shamelessly call in magnetic financial abundance + be massively compensated for your unique gifts

→ Create beautiful ceremonies to celebrate yourself, honour the seasons, your cycles + sweet Mother Earth

→ Feed yourself ONLY with what nourishes and inspires you

→ Welcome in Feminine chaos, destruction, and grief, with graciousness + reverence

→ Use your precious voice freely, powerfully + LOUDLY whenever you desire to boldly speak your truth

→ Unapologetically worship at the altar of your own body + have your lover wildly desperate to do the same and so... much... more...

YES. This is speaking to my SOUL.

Your Queen takes her throne.

Your King serves on bended knee.

Enter the Temple...


This 6-week portal will guide you through a magical + mysterious voyage to meet your inner Masculine + Feminine, in all their guises.

I will weave a golden thread between between the Masculine modalities of coaching, mentoring, meditations and psychology... and the Feminine expressions of story-telling, archetypes, gentle breathwork and visualisations to crack you open, and then lovingly sew you back together again.

Awakening Women everywhere are being called to go beyond traditional success - we are being called to self-actualisation; to purpose and destiny. This ascension requires a shift from a Masculine system of power, to a Feminine system of power.

But, here's the thing most "Feminine-Led Coaches" aren't telling you... most of the work required to get there is actually centred around the Divine Masculine. Rejecting the Masculine is where women go wrong.

To ascend as the Sacred Feminine, you must first be willing to descend and heal this split - and you need a soul-guide for this journey, someone who has been into this cave many times before.

I got you, babe 😜

The Universe that birthed you is one of harmony, balance and unconditional love. It lonnngs for you to return to this natural way; to anchor this sacred vibration.

You have been called to join all aspects of your nature, and embody the divine wholeness that is your birth-right…

...for it is by healing the deeply entrenched split within yourself, that we will begin to restore balance to our planet, and create a true Heaven on Earth.


Your Masculine roots reach down to the depths, so your Feminine wings can touch the heavens.

Week One:

Prima Materia

Prima Materia is the material that you begin with when you begin the process of alchemy - that’s what we’re doing here, alchemising our shadows into light.
We will weave our way through the cultural context that has caused the great split between women and our true nature; looking at Goddess worship and patriarchal regimes.
We will look at the current Masculine system of power, and why we need to shift to a Feminine power system if we are to actualise our destinies.

Week Two:

Calling Home The Knight + Freeing The Damsel

When our energies are in their wounded states, they are expressed as the foolhardy Knight, or the forlorn Damsel. Only through deep shadow work, and radical responsibility, can we call the Knight home from his battles, and free our Damsel from her tower.

Themes of recognition, acceptance and forgiveness during this week, as you explore your inner-terrain, and break down parts of yourself that are in the way of your own happiness.

Week Three:

Liberating Hansel + Gretel

Now that you have broken down the parts that are in the way of your ascension - think of ascension as you creating that most lit up, beautiful, abundant, sexy, radiant life possible for yourself - it’s time to reconnect to your purest nature.
You will be communing with your inner-children - yes, you have an inner-masculine-child, and an inner-feminine-child - and bringing them into wholeness with each other.
Themes of deep healing, abandonment, rebirth, joy, wonder, and divinity this week, as you enter the dark forest as an adult and liberate your inner-children.

Week Four:

Integrating Father Sol + Mama Luna

Your inner-children have been liberated, now, we move further up your inner-family-tree to the Mother + Father within you. You may not have had a conversation with these energies for a long time… if, ever. 
Your internalised Masculine is inherited from the culture you’re raised in, and the Mother/Sister Wounds in the world run deep.
To create safety, security and support for yourself - to ensure you’re fully resourced at all times - you will be nurturing, nourishing, and reparenting yourself here.

Week Five:

Activating the Grail + the Sword

The Holy Grail - your womb-space (whether you have a womb or not), your sacral, heart, and 3rd eye chakras, your innate sexuality and sensuality, your ability to spread your legs and RECEIVE what the Universe is offering to you.
The Sword of Excalibur - your inner-cock energy, your rock-hard boundaries, your solid spine, your root, solar plexus, throat and crown chakras, and your ability to deeply penetrate life on all levels.
You will be activating the Dark Feminine + the Dark Masculine within you - the inner-seductress and inner-dominator - and your relationship to LIFE, SEX + MONEY will never be the same again.
It’s time to engage in some hot AF foreplay with the Universe.

Week Six:

The Alchemical Marriage of
King + Queen

The sovereign, regal, luscious Queen in you is in constant communion with the Divine… inspiration, downloads, creative expression course through you like lightning. She grows old and is reborn every time you bleed; she sheds her layers like a snake. 
The loyal, protective, warrior King in you receives her desires, listens to her commands, and goes out into the world to MAKE. SHIT. HAPPEN. He cares for you, he never lets you work too hard, he builds a castle of solid boundaries around your genius.
You’ve descended, you’ve met the dark Goddess, you’ve transmuted her into light, and you’re ready to ceremoniously marry yourself.


Jordan C.

Working with CiCi feels expansive, safe, sensual, fun, magical, juicy & transformative.. leaving this temple I know I have everything I need within me. I know that I can give myself everything, and that all my pain, challenges, trauma have been the initiations I needed to be able to embody my inner Queen (and King).

KeAnna A.

Honestly CiCi is the best space holder I’ve experienced. She holds space like no other, and I love how much she checks in!

Working with her feels like “get in the car queen, we going on an adventure!”.. she takes you to the depths and holds the mirror for you. She remind you of your divinity and strength. She knows when you need nurturing vs. more fire .. she pushes you, but never make you walk the journey alone. I feel so seen, held, and supported by her.

Jade H.

CiCi takes you on a journey of deep remembrance. It felt like she took our hands as we walked through the places that we now remember were (and still are) our homes. I'm walking out of this temple with more, clarity, groundedness & confidence.

My love, there are 3 archetypal women that need to devote themselves to this journey...


“What’s it all been for? I’ve achieved everything I set out to, and I still feel empty inside… when will someone save me?”

You grew up in a world that placed emphasis on achievements, success, working hard and becoming independent.

You were praised for winning battles and slaying dragons, but when that lover broke your tender young heart, your tidal wave of emotions wasn’t welcome at the table.

So, you cut your hair and put on your suit of armour, aligned yourself with the Masculine qualities present within you, and severed yourself from your overwhelming, embarrassing Feminine side.

For a while, you loved being around fellow knights + older men; it made you feel ballsy AF.

Logical, fierce, determined, emotionally + financially independent… you built the walls so damn high, you thought no one could ever hurt you.

Until one day, you realised it also meant no one could reach the little girl inside of you that just wanted to be loved, to be held and supported.

You’ve been so BUSY being a knight, you forgot your own inner-Damsel is still all the way back home, locked in the tower… waiting to be rescued.

“Is this all there is? Surely I have some purpose, some gifts of my own worth sharing? Can anyone remind me who I once was?"

You grew up in a world that placed emphasis on women caring for everyone else’s needs before their own.

Nurses ALWAYS hold themselves together, even when they're dying inside.

You learnt that if women did dare to venture into the world of work, they became over-controlling, full of rage and rejected by men. Unlovable + alone.

Throughout your life when things occasionally seemed stable enough for you to pursue your own dreams - almost by magic - a drama with your teenage sweetheart would arrive to pull you straight home again.

Cut off from your innate Masculine qualities, your voice softened to a whisper and the word “no'' left your vocabulary altogether. You chose to focus instead on making yourself as attractive to men as you could, believing this was the path to safety + security.

For a while, you enjoyed the attention that came your way… society knows how to applaud women who remain conventional.

 Besides, caring for others makes you feel needed.

Emotional, soft, flexible, yielding + dependent… you took the walls of your tower down brick by brick yourself, to ensure that you were never, ever, alone.

Until one day, you realised it also meant that literally anyone, and everyone, could get a piece of you.

You’ve been so BUSY being a nurse, you forgot you sent your own inner-knight riding off into the distance long ago... leaving you abandoned, uncared for and unprotected.

“I feel like two separate people inside one body; powerful one day, weak as hell the next. People demand so much from me, it’s exhausting.”


You grew up in a world that taught you only certain elements of your nature were appropriate at certain times.

You mustn't cry in public. Failure is not an option. You’ll never be loved for being unapologetically you.

Which mask will you wear today, Jester?

Twist, manipulate, and adapt your personality. Pull out what you think people want to see. That’s just what we do.

Throughout your life, you’ve kept your inner-knight + inner-damsel locked away in the dungeons… calling on them to perform when needed.

Got a goal that needs achieving? Haul out the Knight.

Got a lover who’s threatening to leave? Drag up the damsel.

You play both parts to a tee:

When you’re in your Masculine, you’re domineering + controlling.

When you’re in your Feminine, you’re codependent + unstable.

The crowd laps it up everytime, and for a while you relish in this warped power, and you love the attention it brings.

Until you realise you have to take extended breaks from being “you”... hiding away to ensure no one sees you without your mask.

You’ve been so BUSY playing the court Jester and entertaining others, you forgot the only audience that matters, is right there, in your own heart.

Are you ready?


Jordan C.

I joined Sacred Union School to explore who I am at the core.. to love myself and start embodying the woman I want to be.. but I was unsure of how to do this work.. not feeling like I really knew who I was.. not trusting myself.. feeling disconnected from my feminine nature.. now, I know that I am a Queen, Goddess, Divine, Feminine and I'm FINALLY able to start leaning into that.

KeAnna A.

I was inspired to join Sacred Union school because I was in the midst of a time where I just realized how tired I was of my own self-sabotage. I was tired of not taking responsibility for my unhappiness. I was tired of pretending that playing the role of the “good girl” .. meeting everyone else’s expectations, except for my own. I just felt like a mess of emotions .. and genuinely was so exhausted! I wanted to go deeper with the stories and subconscious beliefs that kept me enacting these patterns, and more importantly, I wanted to have the awareness and tools to take ownership of who I am and how I want to show up for myself, my life, and those who cross my path.

Jade H.

I had a pull to invest in this program because I knew that it was going to be a powerful deepening experience. I wanted to learn more about the wounded and divine versions of masculinity and femininity so that I could embody the true divine nature more in my everyday life.. I feel like I learned and experienced so much inside.

I have created a world where I am loved, respected, and paid for being unapologetically ME.

It wasn't always this way.

I was the embodiment of the Jester... over-confident on the outside, crumbling on the inside.

At work, I was a ball-busting sales rep.

At home, I was enmeshed in abusive, co-dependent relationships.

I was the friend that made everyone laugh. I always checked in... but I never asked for help. God forbid I be seen as weak.

I wasn't taking radical responsibility for my experience. 

I was hoping + wishing that someone would come along and save me. I thought I needed fixing to be worthy of true love.



I share my gifts openly with the world and trust myself implicitly.

My boundaries are ROCK SOLID. I only do what I desire to do... ever.

Money flows in and out of my life with eeeeease.

I am held + supported by my inner King and Warrior, so I can melt into my inner Queen and Wild Priestess.

I know when to step up, and I know when to surrender.

Descending into my shadow showed me the light. Allowing myself to receive means I can keep on giving.

I am nourished, nurtured, whole.

A living, breathing, embodiment of this work, now I'm here to initiate you into these sacred teachings.

Because seeing women call back all their lost parts, quenching their thirst from within, and powerfully rising together... turns me the fuck on.



The Three (Logistical) Pillars...

The Chrysalis

You will receive 6 transmissions that are all 2-hours long - these were recorded LIVE.

The Mystery

6 exclusive 20-50 minute audios ~ myths, poems, mysteries ~ that complement the weekly themes.

The Activation

 7 embodiment rituals & 6 deep soul assignments to encourage integration, healing & expansion with each module.

Jordan C.

SUS is the perfect place for healing and learning to embody the Goddess you are deep down. It's a place of beautiful transformation, vulnerability, safety, celebration, pleasure, and sisterhood. Please do this for yourself. For your inner child.

KeAnna A.

Approach this journey with an open mind - you never know what is going to come up for you! Be willing to be seen and ask for what you need, you will learn SO much from CiCi and your sisters. Approaching the triggers or tough moments with curiosity will be your best friend.

Jade H.

Mmm this journey is a mysterious and sacred gift. You will explore and remember more and more as the weeks go on. It's powerfully led and once awakened by this work you will clearly see that there is no going back.

And from the sacred union of Self + Soul, ecstatic wholeness was born.

Payment Plan

£1111 x 1


Payment Plan

£555 x 2


Payment Plan

£370 x 3


Payment Plan

£278 x 4



~ Please note that the 7 rituals inside SUS are the same 7 rituals that are inside my bundle The Feminine Alchemist.

If you have already bought The Feminine Alchemist please contact [email protected] to upgrade to Sacred Union School & pay the difference. 

~ Please note Sacred Union School is self-led... once you join, you have access to everything.. it's on you to jump inside & explore.

She is supported by the earth.

He is swept up by the sea.

Together, they dance.

There is a void felt these days by women and men - who suspect that their feminine nature, like Persephone, has gone to hell. Wherever there is such a void, such a gap or wound agape, healing must be sought in the blood of the wound itself. It is another of the old alchemical truths that "no solution should be made except in it's own blood."

So the female void cannot be cured by conjunction with the male, but rather by an internal conjunction, by an integrations of its own parts, by a remembering or a putting back together of the mother-daughter body.

Nor Hall

Are you ready?