The Heroines Circle

An online temple space for the sister who wants to love on her humanness and her magic in equal measure.

Are you ready to truly experience the Goddess within?


You've been on this journey for a while.. done all the healing, human design readings, retreats and workshops.. but the same initiations keep coming back around & the people around you don't really get it.

My love, there's only so much we can do alone. We can't flourish into our gifts without being really seen & celebrated. We can't break free from our shadow without having the safest space to have them mirrored back to us.

This healing is expanded tenfold when it's done in the presence of other awakening women.

Perhaps you've always struggled with your relationship with women?

But, deep down, you sense an urgent yearning to reconnect with the feminine: goddess archetypes, sensual // erotic liberation, and your own intuitive power.

In fact, you know there's nothing you can't create by invoking the wisdom of the dual nature of yourself & the divine.

Inside this safe, expansive and co-creative circle space, we work with the Goddess AND the God, to liberate ourselves into juicy & powerful wholeness.

Here, emotions are welcomed, humanity is celebrated, and magical sisterhood connections are made. 

so ready to join you



Walk the path of the devotional feminine by carving out a little sacred time each month. Disconnect from the to-do lists, the noise, and drop back into your body. THC is a melting pot of everything that's in my orbit... part women's circle // part group coaching // part archetypal workshop // part group embodiment practice... the beauty of this space is it's co-creative, emergent nature. It has its own life force, it's own spiritual centre, and I trust Goddess // God will take us where we're destined to go next.


One with a more Masculine flavour: space-holding, personal coaching, intention-setting.

One with a more Feminine flavour: ceremony, archetypal activations, embodiment practice.

We always devote a portion of each circle to open sharing... this is a place where you get to TAKE UP SPACE LOVE!!

Come to one, both, or catch the recordings if you miss them.


A space for me to communicate with you in-between live gatherings... I love to gauge a sense of where the energy is at // what's moving for the group, so I can tailor the gatherings to meet your needs.


The online portal where the recordings are uploaded, is FULL of meditations, journalling practices, masterclasses with guest experts, and embodiment practices to dive into in-between live circles.

Use it if it calls to you, but there is absolutely no pressure to explore it.. it's there to melt into, as and when it feels supportive to your journey.

Welcome Home

yesssss, I'm in.

My whole life, I felt the searing pain of being both TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH at the same time.

Couldn't comprehend how I could be deeply sensual & emotional, and also, vivacious, loud & assertive.

Maybe it's the fact I have a Cancer sun, and 4 Leo placements in my chart LOL... or, more likely, it's that I received absolutely 0 guidance on how to powerfully harmonise & embody my Feminine and Masculine aspects.

These rites of passage.. these ancient mysteries.. are completely missing from our culture.. and sometimes, when you want something to exist, you have to create it yourself.

Welcome to the Heroines Circle.

Let's take each other by the hand, and walk side by side into the new way of being… into a world where we are more radiant, more present, and more magnetic, because we are by each others sides.

"Since joining THC I have been able to connect with the beauty and pleasure that it truly is to be in my body and physical vessel. I spent so much time in disconnection and repelling from the experience of being in my body.. so much of my life in the mind.. I've been moving into a space where it is actually a nourishing and supportive experience for me to be present in my body, & I'm more grateful for the deepening of this relationship every single day"

KeAnna, USA

"This space has allowed me to express myself fully and be witnessed by all of the women inside, not feeling judged or like I should hide away. It's been so healing for the collective sister wound and I feel so connected with all the Heroines inside"

Amy, UK




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  • Access to 2 live gatherings led by CiCi every single month
  • Access to online library of resources
  • Access to private members only Instagram community



£60 savings per annum

  • Access to 2 live gatherings led by CiCi every single month
  • Access to online library of resources
  • Access to private members only Instagram community

"I feel so safe to be in this space as I am currently navigating a big sisterhood wound. Inside the live circles I feel encouraged, welcomed, and just such a warm energy. I already feel like I have landed in exactly the right space at the right time"

Trish, UK

"I feel much less worried about being judged for the mythological lens through which I choose to see/experience life, because it feels safer to own and express that part of me, seeing it mirrored here in others, and through feeling deeply understood in circle"

Esther, UK



I envisage a world where you feel at home, gloriously sensual, & profoundly comfortable in your body.

Where healthy, open-hearted communication is the norm.

Men & Women are fully activated in all the frequencies of the Feminine & Masculine energies that live within them.

Relationships are built on strong, stable, safe, regenerative foundations, with love & consciousness at the core.

We are surrounded by humans who are motivated by what they can give, not what they can get.

A world where you get to give your soul gifts & express your creative fire without apology.

Where you feel so supported by God, and so fuelled by Goddess that you can live with a cracked open, wild & free heart, no matter what challenges you face.

I see us all walking into a new paradigm, where humans are in love with themselves & each other.. all of us making love to life itself.

It's my intention to wholeheartedly support you on your Heroines Journey, with a space that reflects this beautiful vision.

A warm space, filled with ancient wisdom, unconditional love, and the power of 1,000 Goddesses behind you.

I feel deeply called to this space.

The Meaning Behind Circle

The feminine healing journey is not linear, it is cyclical. It spirals around itself, each time crossing over old ground with new perspective, depth and wisdom.

The circle represents the womb, the vessel, and the transformative power of woman. For thousands of years, women have gathered in circles, facing inward, ushering each other closer.

Within our Heroines Circle, there is no beginning and no end, everyone is equal in the giving and receiving of love, support and wisdom.

"Magic occurs in circles"

Maureen Murdock