The Wood Sisters - Women's Group

Are you craving long-term support, a space to be seen and held by other women, & an opportunity to deepen your feminine embodiment and expression?

Join us for a potent & deep engagement with your heart, your body, and the mysteries.

As the months unfold, you will reconnect to your body's natural wisdom, uncover the parts of yourself long forgotten, and reclaim your capacity to live authentically, from your heart.

This group offers up a beautiful & courageous pathway for discovering your truest essence and is designed in a way that brings healing power, purpose and community to your life - allowing you to feel confident in walking your own path, knowing you are supported and held in that exploration.


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"This space has allowed me to express myself fully and be witnessed by all of the women inside, not feeling judged or like I should hide away. It's been so healing for the collective sister wound and I feel so connected with all the women on the journey with me."

Amy, UK

The Wood Sisters.

This group is inspired by the German fairy tale "The Handless Maiden", in which a lowly Miller's daughter makes the initiatory journey into the dark, wild wood, and finally becomes Queen.

Along the way, she is supported by the "Wood Sisters" - a group of spiritual women living together in the woods. They love dancing, nature, the masculine, and connecting to the slow, rhythmic cycles of life. When lost Maidens wander into the woods, the Wood Sisters are there to welcome them into their community, inviting them to take part in ritual and sacred ceremony, and acting as loving witnesses to their personal journeys of growth & self-discovery.

I continue to be profoundly moved by this fairy tale, which - as is often the way - arrived into my life at exactly the right moment, when I myself was "wandering in the dark woods" and navigating a difficult transitionary period in my life.

These themes perfectly encapsulate the essence of this group, the work, and the women who are drawn to it.

"Since joining this group, I have been able to connect with the beauty and pleasure that it truly is to be in my body.

I spent so much time in disconnection and repelling the experience of being in my body and so much of my life stuck in my mind.

I've been moving into a space where it is actually a nourishing and supportive experience for me to be present in my body, and I'm grateful for the deepening of this relationship every single day"

KeAnna, USA

2023 programme.


This women's group is directly influenced by the teachings that have been most illuminating and transformational to me, as well as the embodiment work that forms the backbone of my own personal practice.

This is an intimate way to work with me, whilst also connecting with other women on a similar path - all of whom will become a mirror for you to know yourself more as time goes on.

Together we will explore four fairy tales and their related themes - engaging with them through our monthly embodiment class (second Thursday of the month), and then following up with group discussion, Q&A, partner practices and ritual (fourth Thursday of the month).

Each season (three months/one fairy tale) will be a gateway into your own inner-process, and will provide the opportunity to ask: "where do I see myself in this?"


Seasons & themes.

January - March: The Handless Maiden
April - June: Bluebeard
July - September: Hansel and Gretel
October - December: Little Red Riding Hood

Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with these stories, I will be sharing my favourite retellings at the start of each new season.

Whilst we will be engaging with the archetypal themes as a group, this will also be a personal exploration for you to expand your range of expression & grow through old patterns that are keeping you stuck. Everyone will receive something different from the fairy tales and characters - my invitation is to allow yourself to be surprised and supported by this material.

We will be working with each fairy tale for three months because it takes time and patience to let these archetypal energies work their medicine within us. Through regular embodiment practice - tracking thoughts, sensations and emotions in our bodies - we will create a learnt resonance; one that will change the texture and fabric of our transmission in the world.


Why archetypes?


Archetypes exist in the collective unconscious and therefore this work is deeply primal - fundamental to human nature and shared in our collective psyche. They have the power to awaken dormant parts of you, heal distorted parts of you, and call you into new, fresh ways of creating/expressing inside your relationships, work and life. Fairy tales hold a even deeper, special power, as they have been passed down through countless generations by women, long before they were ever written down and changed by the men who did so.

Those women understood that these stories contain an instructive magic: one that all wandering maidens need to know.

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  • ALL NON-LINEAR MOVEMENT METHOD® classes held by CiCi per month.
    (always held on second Thursday of the month)
    NB: these classes are £20 each if purchased standalone
  • 1 x 90-minute online circle led by CiCi for integration, discussion, and engagement with season's theme.
    (held on the fourth Thursday of each month) 
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  • ALL NON-LINEAR MOVEMENT METHOD® classes held by CiCi per month.
    (held on second Thursday of each month)
    NB: these classes are £20 each if purchased standalone
  • 1 x 90-minute online circle led by CiCi for integration, discussion, and engagement with season's theme.
    (held on the fourth Thursday of each month) 
  • Access to private members only Telegram group conversation for connection and ongoing practice support.
  • Online portal of resources, practices, meditations and masterclasses with guest experts.
  • 25% discount on ALL 1-1 coaching packages offered by CiCi

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If you are considering joining the membership but would prefer to experience an embodiment class with me before you do so, you can use the link below to book onto a standalone class.

All 2023 class dates:

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Classes are always held at 6pm UK time.

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Learn about the NLMM method.


The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) is a powerful somatic modality developed by my teacher, Michaela Boehm, over the past two decades of instruction and practice.

I am delighted to be an officially certified teacher (and devotee) of this movement therapy, meaning I can support you with connecting to your inner landscape, releasing physical contractions/emotional closures, and heightening sensual/sexual pleasure. I am qualified to teach four unique NLMM modalities - my classes focus on a combination of releasing, calling in (embodied manifestation), pleasure, and moving what we're feeling.


- regulating your nervous system

The demands of modern life create stress and tension in the body and an overactive mind. NLMM encourages the identifying and unwinding of patterns of contraction. Through gentle, non-force movements bodily tension and underlying mental loops are relieved. The result is a systematic, self-guided unburdening of the nervous system.

- identifying and processing emotions
As the body unwinds and the mind relaxes its pressured pace, the emotions associated with these contractive patterns become apparent and can be dissolved through the movement. You can note recurring emotional loops for further processing and at the same time allow emotions to simply arise and let go.

- releasing trauma patterns into flow
One of the common results of traumatic experience (fresh and old alike) is “freeze”, a state in which body, mind and emotions are stuck in a state of numbness. Often “freeze” is falsely perceived as a feeling of “calm/nothing”, which results in an inability to release the experience and ease the bodily patterns of hold. NLMM facilitates a continued movement, which gently opens the freeze pattern and allows for recognition and release of the underlying bodily and emotional patterns.

- uniting mind, body and heart in intimacy with physical sensation
Through continued engagement with release of contraction and facilitation of emotional awareness, the ingrained patterns become both more apparent and less pronounced. Over time, physical sensation can be more fully engaged with, and the acceptance as well as tolerance of all sensation increases. Intimacy with whatever is present is possible. Body, Emotion and Mind can align to support an integrated approach to feeling and understanding existing behavioural patterning.

- creating deeper bodily responsiveness
NLMM increases your capacity to release and process contractions, stress and emotional tension while at the same time sensitising you to your internal landscape. This is called “interoception”, the ability to feel what is “inside” ... via the body, we become highly attuned to all sensations and can note, react or release fluidly and without having to attend to traumatic or suppressed backlog.

- opening access to your body's natural wisdom and genius
By putting emphasis on movement and circumventing the analytical mind and loops of tense thinking the natural intelligence of our bodies is accessed. Through gentle guidance the mechanisms of “freeze” and refusal to feel are being loosened and our innate bodily wisdom can create the necessary actions and releases.

- reawakening your life-force energy and sensuality
As tension, contraction, and emotion are being released, the body becomes sensitized and we're able to feel deeper. One of the results of this sensitisation is an ability to feel increased pleasure and well-being.


All you need to attend the embodiment classes where we will practice the various modalities of NLMM is a private space, comfortable/non-restrictive clothing, and a yoga mat or blanket.

NLMM is always practiced on hands and knees, but if you have mobility issues, you can still participate laying down or seated.

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"I feel much less worried about being judged for the mythological lens through which I choose to see/experience life, because it feels safer to own and express that part of me, seeing it mirrored here in others, and through feeling deeply understood in this group's monthly women's circles."

Esther, UK

The circle as symbol.

The feminine healing journey is not linear, it is cyclical. It spirals around itself, each time crossing over old ground with new perspective, depth and wisdom.

The circle represents the womb, the vessel, and the transformative power of woman. For thousands of years, women have gathered in circles, facing inward, ushering each other closer.

Inside this Women's Group, there is no beginning and no end, everyone is equal in the giving and receiving of love, support and wisdom.

"Magic occurs in circles"

Maureen Murdock

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